Pinning Ceremony 6th Grade

June 7th, 2022

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What a memorable evening at the Sixth Grade Pinning Ceremony. Emotions of happiness, sadness, and fondness all came together at different moments to allow the students, parents, and teachers to appreciate the work and efforts of everyone over the last few years.

Students, it’s on to seventh grade! Build on your Middle School foundation and continue to grow physically, spiritually, and intellectually. Everyone’s love and blessings are with you. Congratulations!!


June 2nd, 2022

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STEAM Fair 2022 — Our Middle School students shared their hands on projects by delving into Engineering and Mathematics (4th grade), Science (5th grade), and Technology and Art (6th grade).
Our STEAM Fair featured new projects and exhibits which highlighted the power and knowledge of STEAM.
Our 4th Grade engineers worked in groups to create buildings of a greater Geometry City.
Our 5th Grade scientists researched components of the Solar System and created models of each element entirely out of food items as part of their Solar System Explorations.
Our 6th Grade artists and technology experts created a class image called “Pixel Earth”and fused technology and music to create a 1980s video on the Brief History of the Synthesizer.

Great job by our budding scientists, engineers, and artists. Meticulous detailed creativity, excellent presentations, and diligent work by our teachers and students created memories and experiences to build on in high school and beyond. Way to go to all our students! We can’t wait until next year’s inspirational presentations.


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Members of different units of the NYC Police Department (including K9 and Port Authority) gave presentations to St. Demetrios High School students on careers in CRIMINAL JUSTICE and opportunities available to those who want to volunteer or perform service in their community. The morning ended with students taking turns climbing a ROCK WALL placed in front of the school.
A special thank you to PO HELEN TAZES of the 114th PD and all the other men/women in blue who took time from their busy schedules to conduct this special assembly. May the patron saints of our community PROTECT them ALWAYS.