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    Dear Parents and Students,


    We would like to thank you for your continued support and patience during these past few months.  Our school and all the families in our school community had to adapt to many new challenges very quickly.  One of those major changes was switching to Remote Learning.  It was not an easy task to undertake as a school and it was even harder on our students and their families.  We are very proud of you all.  You made it through!



    The School Administration of the Saint Demetrios Greek-American School of Astoria

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    • About Us

      Whether it's through our athletic teams, parent involvement, or school events, community is a pillar of the St. Demetrios Prep experience. We strive to nurture a community inclusive of all students, parents and family members. As soon as you walk through our doors, we are here to make you feel welcome.

    • Community

      Rooted in the Greek Orthodox tradition, St. Demetrios is a Christian school that welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. All Prep students will learn from the religious figures in our school, and will experience a curriculum that is faith-based and weaves religious tradition throughout daily lessons.

    • Academics

      St. Demetrios Prep has a rich academic tradition, focusing on the humanities and offering a variety of elective courses. Students' academic courseload prepares them not only for success in high school, but practical knowledge they will keep throughout their lives.

    • Events

      We are always looking for exciting ways to share what is going on here at SDP with our friends and families. We provide a wide array of events to meet the needs of the community. Special events increase the quality of life at SDP, provide unique activities for families to participate in together, and create a sense of community. 

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