• 8th Grade ELA

    Eighth Grade Language Arts is designed to involve the student in applying reading, writing, listening, speaking, and viewing skills in an independent manner through meaningful interdisciplinary tasks. Students will continue to develop an appreciation for literature through the study of literary elements in classic and contemporary selections. Some of the authors that are featured include, Shakespeare, Poe, Steinbeck and O. Henry. Emphasis is placed on moving from the literal to the abstract in the students’ critical thinking skills and in the use of language.

    Methods of Instruction: Students will be engaged in the learning process by :

    • Individual exploration and research
    • Group lectures and discussions
    • Small group team oriented activities
    • Hands-on activities such as projects and portfolio work
    • Oral presentations
    • Written compositions

    9th Grade ELA

    The New York grade 9 curriculum offers a wide range of texts that span from the classical to the contemporary. The grade 9 curriculum balances classic works by Shakespeare, Homer, and Dickinson with modern writing by authors such as Ray Bradbury, Amy Tan, and Julia Alvarez. Through the study of a variety of text types and media, my students build knowledge, analyze ideas, and develop writing, collaboration, and communication skills. The lessons within each of the units are linked to the Common Core Learning Standards, and provide a rigorous and pedagogically-sound approach for how the standards can come alive with thoughtful planning, adaption, and instruction.