St. Demetrios of Astoria has been a pillar of Greek American Education for over 65 year.  We continue to provide a quality education that emphasizes academic achievement by building on rich traditions of our Greek heritage and our Greek Orthodox faith.

Recently, we upgraded both our science labs and gymnasium.  Each classroom has state of the art smartboards which bring technology to the next level.  We continue to have small class sizes which allow our teachers and staff to truly get to know their students and provide individualized educations.

Our students are accepted to elite colleges with many of them earning scholarships.

It’s a tribute to our school that former students return to St. Demetrios to teach, enroll their children in our school and sit as board members in our community.

As you are aware, running such a large school system is not easy.  The cost of educating students and the upkeep of our buildings has increased dramatically.

In an effort to keep tuition at a minimum, we appreciate any donations.  All proceeds go to the betterment of our school, staff and students.

We thank you for your continued support.