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1st Grade

Our first grade students enhance their foundation skills within reading, writing and math. The students continue to build phonic awareness, identifying the meaning of words in a variety of texts. Retelling a story beginning, middle and ending, and comparing the experiences of characters. Our students continue to work on their writing skills with creative writing tasks such as write narratives with two or more appropriately sequenced events. St. Demetrios first graders will learn how to use writing as a tool for communication. This is a year to explore and introduce the concrete building blocks of math, which include problem solving, operations, and number sense. Our science program explores the teachings of Earth Sciences, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences. Social Studies explores the concept of community beyond just family.

First grade students attend a variety of enrichment classes each week including Physical Education, Greek language, Greek Dance, Music, Technology, Art, and Religion. Our students practice public speaking through prepared class project presentations with various subjects. They build leadership and responsibility skills with classroom job duties.