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2nd Grade

St. Demetrios second graders have grown used to their school environment and are ready to enhance their learning. Their attention spans are increasing as well, we prepare and teach our students more difficult concepts. We are challenging our students to become more fluent readers. They will move beyond using decoding skills to figure out unfamiliar words and use context clues instead. Our students will mastered the ability to write a coherent sentence to convey meaning. They will work to put a number of different types of sentences (statements, questions and commands) together to create a descriptive. Math we delve further into the place value, and explore basic fractions, multiplication and division. Sciences expands on life cycles, basic introduction to health, and the solar system. Social studies expands learning understanding basic economic concepts, geography, understanding the roles of citizens, recognizing key national symbols, and awareness of key national holidays.

Second grade students attend a variety of enrichment classes each week including Physical Education, Greek language, Greek Dance, Technology, Art, and Religion. Our students practice public speaking through prepared class project presentations with various subjects. They build leadership and responsibility skills with classroom job duties, and as school ambassadors.