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3rd Grade

At St. Demetrios our third graders demonstrate great academic growth and this is their last year at the lower elementary campus. This year is an important transition year in both structure and independence. We strive and move on from learning to read to reading to learn. Our students tackle new skills this year that include graphing organizers using grammar, text, and genre clues to glean information and summarization. This year emphasize writing more in all of their subjects to convey and summarize information. WE continue to focus on writing skills and start with cursive and expect to do so regularly. We emphasize and stress usage of sophisticated vocabulary to convey information. We explore writing in a number of different genres. Math shits to more complicated topics such as advanced multiplication and division, patterns, number sense, geometry and probability. Science is not only conceptual but hands on as well. Our students begin investigation systems, sound, habitats, and natural science. Third grade social studies learn more about their country and the world around them. In addition continuing with basic understanding of economics.

First grade students attend a variety of enrichment classes each week including Physical Education, Greek language, Greek Dance, Technology, Music Art, and Religion. Our students practice public speaking through prepared class project presentations with various subjects. They build leadership and responsibility skills with classroom job duties, and as school ambassadors.