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4th Grade

Fourth grade is an important year for our students since they are moving into the larger campus grounds as they start to prepare for middle school. Classes start to be departmentalized, and the core curriculum includes language arts courses, social studies, sciences, Greek, and math, with a different teacher leading each one.

Our fourth graders being to branch out with their reading and vocabulary. They will read a variety of new genres including myths and legends, folk tales and fables, even mythology. They are learning to connect characters’ experiences with events in their own life. This year we also read different types of non-fiction materials such as newspapers and reputable Internet sites, and books as they learn to effectively research a topic. Writing at this grade level is closely interconnected with reading. Our students will learn the power of dialogue in a story, striving to develop their personal voice and writing style. They will also be taught to use research tools to create a coherent, detailed report.

In math our students learn to use learned patterns to find the factors and multiples of numbers, convert and calculate units of measure and to work with fractions. In addition know the characteristics of lines and angles and feel comfortable analyzing, collecting, organizing and presenting data. In science, students are ready to move on to looking at the scientific processes of classification of organisms, the arrangement of objects by properties, as well as measuring events. Topics that we explore include the motion of objects, electricity and circuits, fossils, meteorology and inherited traits.

Social studies at this grade level devotes a great deal learning history and government of their city, state, and country.

Fourth grade students attend a variety of enrichment classes each week including Physical Education, Greek language, Greek Dance, Technology, Music, Art, and Religion. Our students practice public speaking through prepared class project presentations with various subjects. They build leadership and responsibility skills with classroom job duties, and as school ambassadors.