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Our program curriculum focuses on the development of the whole child. We use theme units that appeal to the children’s interests to teach concepts and skills. Our classroom setups, schedules and activities are all carefully designed to incorporate all major domains of child development: cognitive, language, physical, social, emotional, and aesthetic.

Academically, our curriculum is to instill recognition of upper and lower case letters, recognition of numbers of 1-10 through sequence, sorting, size and quantity, colors, shapes, major holidays, seasons, weather, reading and comprehension (predicting outcome, cause and effect and picture books), and incorporating of listening skills and following directions in all areas.

Our students do learn Greek as a second language through poems and songs. All other subjects will and are taught in English language. Religion is taught in the classroom through prayer, liturgy attendance and holiday celebrations. Greek dance and physical education allow for additional movement and gross motor skill enforcement. Our students do perform in a Christmas pageant, art exhibit, and end of year stepping up ceremony.

St. Demetrios program is geared towards building confidence, self-esteem, self-help skills and instilling a lifelong love for learnings. Our primary goal is to foster the development of the whole child, while instilling the foundation for the love of school and learning. Here at St. Demetrios, we encourage parent involvement and work as a team to ensure that each child has a successful school experience.