High School

Our High School produces the complete individual who, upon graduation, is ready to take on a world of opportunities.

The High School program at Saint Demetrios Prep offers hands-on college preparatory course work through our internal Advance Placement program and our University/College alliance program. We strive for experiences that equip our students to be pioneers, challenging themselves and each other as they develop life skills that prepare them for their roles as the world’s future leaders.

Students in the High School master challenging high school coursework, whether in our accelerated level curriculum, honors courses or through advance placement. All our classes are tailored to their individual learning style and needs to ensure success. Our math program is segmented via our students aptitude, with our accelerated Freshmen starting with Geometry and our sophomores with Algebra 2. Our literature program rests with the foundation of the classics in American, British and Greek literature across genres, generating mastery of language and composition skills.

Our STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) program focuses on the real-world application of our classroom learning, hands-on interactive experiences, making connections between disciplines, and building relationships between peers, teachers, and industry professionals. Our students have the opportunity to delve into 3D modeling, design, dance, engineering and robotics, photo/video/digital media, music, art and more.

Our Science and Stem laboratory  offers extensive, hands on opportunities in mathematics, computer science and robotics and engineering, biology and chemistry sciences, visual arts and performing arts.

Our students learn by experiencing. Our courses include a myriad of opportunities outside the classroom. In addition, our seniors have the opportunity for dual enrollment at a local partner colleges to pursue independent study programs and apprenticeships.

The Saint Demetrios Preparatory School program produces the complete individual who, upon graduation, is ready to take on a world of opportunities.