Registration will begin March 1st for the school year 2022-2023. All students must re-register before May 1st, 2022, to qualify for $100 discount off registration fees. Registering early allows the school administration and faculty to adequately plan for the upcoming school year. No registration will be accepted unless all current financial obligations have been met to date.

Tuition and Fees (2022-2023)

Grades Tuition Remote
Annual Quarterly Annual Quarterly
PreSchool – half day $6640 $1660 not offered
PreSchool – full day $7640 $1910 not offered
Pre-K $7640 $1910 not offered
K-6 $6740 $1685 not offered
7-8 $7140 $1785 $8140 $2035
9-12 $7640 $1910 $8640 $2160

As in previous years, a 5% discount is available when the entire year’s tuition is paid before September 1st, 2022. All other tuition will be paid on a quarterly basis. Payments will be due (¼) in September, (¼) in November, (¼) in January and final payment in March.

Registration Fee/Building Fee/Technology Fee (non-refundable): $650 per child grades K-12, $500 per child grades Pre-school and Pre-K.
This registration fee covers the cost of schoolbooks, student supplies, teaching supplies, periodicals, lab fees and testing fees. The building fee will go towards building maintenance and repairs of our school buildings. The technology fee will contribute towards ongoing remote learning capabilities, software memberships, etc

Annual Family Stewardship (non-refundable): $500 minimum per family membership
Parent Teacher Association Dues: $25 per family

Tuition Assistance:
Saint Demetrios is fortunate to be able to offer tuition assistance to families through its “Annual Fund”. The school is committed to making a quality, Christian education affordable for many families. We have established an application process for determining financial need in allocating tuition assistance. Please login to your TADS account to complete an application.


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