The Department of Fine & Performing Arts at Saint Demetrios Prep strives to educate, create, and inspire young artists to be passionate actors, singers, musicians, visual and graphic artists.

Through a wide variety of educational courses and extracurricular activities, Saint Demetrios Prep provides students interested in the arts with a rigorous and exciting educational experience. Theatrical productions, concerts, art shows, workshops and field trips are just some of the many avenues of instruction that the department offers to its prospective students.

Art Appreciation

In this mandatory course, students will learn to recognize and utilize the elements of art. They will focus on creating successful compositions in each finished work of art. Students will develop skills in two-dimensional design, observational drawing, one-point perspective and watercolor painting.

Principles of Design

Students will explore a variety of media, including ebony pencil, pen and ink, collage, acrylic, watercolor and papier mâché. An introduction to contemporary and historical art will be provided through PowerPoint presentations, readings, and computer research. Students will be evaluated based on their portfolio and presentations.

Graphic Arts I

This course provides a basic understanding of graphic arts, printing technology, and their processes through the use of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop programs. Assignments include a personal logo design, program cover, T-shirt designs, and others.


This is an introductory course in the study and utilization of digital photography as a medium of creative expression and visual communication. Students will develop a technical understanding of using a digital camera and apply this knowledge to create specific image results. Using digital image manipulation software, students will learn to design images to evoke specific messages, moods, or results. Students will study the history of photography, photographic artists, principles of design, color theory, and composition to create powerful and significant images. Students will use the knowledge of using a digital camera, digital image manipulation software, and the creative process to complete assigned projects engineered to encourage self-discipline, innovation, problem solving, creative thinking, and cultural appreciation.

Music Appreciation

Lecture course designed to introduce students to the elements and history of music. Exploring the music of the past, present and future, students will relate commercial music to classical music and appreciate the musical culture of different places and times. Videos, audio and live concert performances will enhance the musical experience.

Greek Dance

This course will provide students with a solid foundation in different dance techniques. Students will also study the origins and development of these dance styles along with learning to recognize various choreographers and praised performers. This course is designed to teach students to express themselves emotionally and creatively as they explore the dance elements of body, space, time and energy.