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    Saint Demetrios Preparatory


    “We build children's strengths and celebrate their achievements,

    helping children recognize their accomplishments and experience the joy of learning.“


    Saint Demetrios Prep is a place for you to find and take ownership of your pathway. We provide a variety of experiences so you can discover and explore your interests and strengths.

    Moving from one education institution to another is a very exciting time in a young person’s life. You will have the opportunity to participate in new activities, meet new friends, and grow into a successful young adult. This can also be a little stressful because you do not always know what to expect when you enter high school. We ensure students are prepared and informed, to help our students make this change as smooth as possible for you and your parents or guardians.

    We believe in setting you up for success and helping you plan your pathway. The many programs available in our high school are designed to assist you with this journey. We encourage you to review the information on our website, the admissions booklet and work with your parents/guardians and teachers, to help choose a high school program that will set you up for success.

    Success in high school can be achieved in many ways. One thing we know, is that once in school, you need to focus on your studies. You should set yourself up for success by selecting courses that build on your interests and strengths. Participating in clubs, teams or other extra-curricular activities will also help you to be successful. We encourage you to make wise choices and access the various courses and programs that can lead to college or universities.

    We set rigorous standards in our college preparatory curriculum. Our college credit courses and honors courses will prepare you to succeed once you graduate. Because education continues beyond the classroom, we will encourage you to also participate in fine arts, athletics, and student life.

    To ensure your success, we created a personalized approach to education. Our exceptional faculty and supportive programs will meet you where you are at, and give you the tools you need to realize your full potential. We are small by design, so every student here is known and valued.