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    Program of Studies

    A Challenging Rigorous Program for Students


    Committed faculty, student-centered immersive learning with an emphasis on critical thinking, small class sizes and a rigorous academic track to meet the needs of varied learners provide a nurturing environment for students to reach their full potential. As a college-preparatory school, Saint Demetrios Prep students are well prepared for the next level and beyond with our student's accepted into the nation's top universities. Our schedule includes seven courses a day offering students a depth to their curriculum that combines academic courses with a variety of elective courses for students to choose from.


    College Prep (CP) The College Prep level is structured for students whose grades, test scores, and/or teacher recommendations indicate average or above-average academic promise.
    NHS Honors The Honors level is structured for students whose grades, test scores, and/or teacher recommendations indicated superior academic promise.
    AP Advanced Placement (AP) The Advanced Placement level is structured for junior and senior students who have demonstrated an ability and maturity to take college-level courses in high school. Learn More>>

    Graduation Requirements

    • 4 years English
    • 4 years Mathematics
    • 4 years Science (Earth Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics) including Labs
    • 4 years Social Studies
    • 3 years World Language (4 years recommended)
    • 4 years Physical Education
    • 2 years STEAM
    • 1 Year  Fine Arts
    • 4 years Theology

    Saint Demetrios Prep  takes Academic Integrity very seriously.
    Please review our Academic Integrity Policy to learn more.


    Our Curriculum

    Saint Demetrios Prep's academic program strives to ensure that the academic needs of all students are met so that they may reach their desired potential. 


    Our Partners


    Saint Demetrios Prep collaborates with the Saint John’s University College Advantage Program. High School students obtain college credit for various courses. This program provides qualified students a concurrent enrollment in their high school and college credit-bearing courses for the University. This program is offered to qualified juniors and seniors during the academic year.



    High Jump- Through the High Jump program, selected high school seniors can take various college courses in their senior year. Eligibility is selective and determined by the high school academic record, maturity, and SAT or ACT Test scores. Applications and information are available in the SDP College Admissions Office. Deadlines are June 15 for Fall and December 1 for Spring admission.  



    The Fashion Institute of Technology's Precollege Programs provide  high school students with learning opportunities. In  conjunction with FIT's School of Liberal Arts, select credit courses are offered to high school seniors. Each course bears liberal arts credits that can be transferred to most colleges and universities. These courses are designed to broaden the student's understanding of the humanities, strengthen critical thinking and communication skills, develop a knowledge of the natural and social sciences, and prepare students to function effectively in a culturally diverse world.


    ELIGIBILITY: Credit courses are open to current high school seniors

    REQUIRED DOCUMENTS: Submit the following credentials with your registration form:

    • A recommendation letter form an academic teacher stating the student's academic strengths
    • A recommendation letter form the high school counselor or principal
    • A copy of their SAT Verbal/English scores (must be a composite score of 540 or higher)
    • A copy of their transcript showing a minimum 3.3 GPA