• General Services

    A full time Registered Nurse staffs the Health Office during the school day. All medical concerns, health forms, medications and special needs are handled through this office.

    During the school year State mandated screenings are performed ie: height, weight, blood pressure, vision , hearing and scoliosis.

    For any findings requiring further evaluation, the parent/guardian will be notified by mail.

    The Health Office also deals with; health counseling, first aid and emergency care, parent and faculty conferences.


    • ALL STUDENTS: Students are required to have a complete physical every year prior to entrance, submitted on the NYC DOH. 
    • ATHLETES: All athletes will use the same physical form. Only physicals submitted on our form will be accepted. At the beginning of each new sport season a parent/guardian will submit the Health Update Form, found under Athletic Forms. This basically states that as far as the parent/guardian knows nothing has changed with regard to the student’s health since his/her last physical. 
    • MEDICATION: See the school nurse for specific forms for authorization to administer:


    • Prescription medication
    • OTC (over the counter) medication
    • Physician certification for students self administration inhaler/epipen
    • Parent/Guardian consent for student's self administration medication (inhaler/epipen)
    • Asthma Action Plan