•  Youth Ministry


    "The best and most beautiful things in this world cannot be seen or even heard,

    but must be felt with the heart."

  • Formal Liturgies

    Our Faculty and Students gather together and attend Liturgy on a regular basis. The school year kicks off on a positive note with the school-wide blessing  in September. Likewise, the faculty and staff attend church on Holy Days when school is in session including  our celebration of Christmas and Easter as well. 

  • Spiritual Activities

    Grade Level Retreats

    Every year, students at each grade level attend a one-day retreat, held off-campus and led by members of the Theology Department. The retreat is organized around the year’s theme and deals with the spiritual growth and personal development of the students. Opportunity is provided for small and large group discussions, quiet reflection and liturgical celebration throughout the course of the day. Students consistently say that their retreats are a welcome break from daily stresses and a way to seek common bond with their classmates.


    Christian Service Programs

    Service to others is at the heart of our mission. With this in mind, we have woven service into the life of the school. Freshmen are required to provide a minimum of 20 hours of service to their families. Sophomores provide a minimum of 20 hours of service to the school, and Juniors must provide a minimum of 40 hours of service to the larger community outside the school. Many students find such fulfillment in their service activities that they choose to continue their involvement voluntarily as Seniors. Students are also required to provide written reflections of their service and its effect on them as individuals. The program is supervised by the Theology Department. Service and community outreach are also central to many of the activities undertaken by most school clubs and organizations.