• We strive to meet each student’s needs personally,academically and in the career/college process. 

  • Academic Resources

    Our goal in the office is to enhance the opportunity for all students to strengthen their skills, helping them meet their personal goals and reach their potential while adhering to the School’s demanding academic standards.  Services available through the Academic Support Office include:
    • Setting personal goals and objectives
    • Teaching self-advocacy skills
    • Instruction in organization, time management, study skills, test preparation, etc.
    • Create personalized learning plans for students with identified academic issues
    • Coordinate educational testing
    • Apply for accommodations for college entrance exams (SAT, AP, and ACT)
  • Social/Emotional Development

    Saint Demetrios  Preparatory School,  is dedicated to the care and development of each student. Counselors support students with academic and personal counseling throughout their years at Saint Demetrios  Prep, and focus on assisting students as they make decisions that will affect their education.

    In each grade, students are provided with appropriate academic and personal advising to ensure they have an optimal experience at the high school and are prepared for college. Members of the department offer academic counseling that deals with the student's practical needs including:


    • Connecting students to academic support resources
    • Advising students on student/teacher relationships
    • Supporting students and families through challenging situations and decisions
    • Advising students on peer relationships


    Additionally, our counselors provide personal counseling on a short-term basis to enhance a student’s knowledge and acceptance of self, as well as to support him in understanding issues and solving problems. We provide referrals for students and families to outside counseling agencies if the need for more lengthy or specialized services should arise.

  • College Career Readiness

    The College Counseling Office has tremendous success finding colleges and universities that best match each student’s talents, interests, and aspirations. College counselors are intently focused on knowing their students well and placing them in a position of strength to choose the school that is the best fit for them.

    College counseling is rooted in an effective partnership between each student, his or her parents, and the college counselor. Saint Demetrios Preparatory provides a level of expertise and service in the college process far surpassing schools of similar and larger size. Each college counselor works closely giving each student a distinct competitive edge in the college process.


    As students approach the end of their high school experience, we take great care guiding them and their families through their personal college search process. We believe that the search process should be primarily focused on discovering universities that offer the student an education and experience that will enable them to pursue their future aspirations. 

    Counselors work collaboratively with families to discern their goals and financial needs and to define their expectations throughout junior and senior year. Through this collaborative partnership a well-balanced list of universities will be developed. After admission decisions are received, counselors will support students throughout the final college decision-making process.