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    “Tell me and I forget, Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.”


    Saint Demetrios Prep offers two types of Pre-K programs to our families. The faith based Pre-K program is a tuition based program that allows us to teach in a faith based environment. The Universal program is a free program that allows parents to send their child to private school without being burdened with the cost of tuition. Below you will find an outline of both programs. Each program has something special to offer to interested families.


    Faith Based Pre-K

    Program Offerings

    • Pre-K classes are for children age four who plan to attend kindergarten in the fall of the following school year.  Children must be 4 by December 31st.
    • The focus is on the spiritual, academic, social, and developmental needs of each child.
    • Students have 1 period per day of Greek Language classes and will attend church services through out the school year.
    • Students will enjoy state-of-the-art classrooms with SmartBoard technology.
    • Field trips and weekly enrichment activities will enhance their learning experiences.

    Enrichment Activities:

    • Art
    • Music
    • PE/Recess
    • Greek
    • Religion
    • Computer
    • Library
    Pre-K Curriculum:

    The program develops verbal, written, and cognitive skills.  Students are introduced to letters and sounds, understanding opposites, rhyming skills, and building vocabulary through story-telling, dramatic play, and group activities.

    Students are taught the use of scissors, holding pencils or crayons properly, writing first and last names, running, jumping, and climbing.

    The children are challenged to count to 100, recognize and write numbers 0-20, sort, classify, match, make patterns, name and draw shapes, position words, size comparisons, measure with non-standard units of measure, sequence, recognize colors, and utilize calendar skills.

    Listening skills, taking turns, following directions, task completion, and solving problems with words are skills the teacher will focus upon.  Children will learn about God’s love and how to be accepted by others for their individuality.


    Universal Pre-K For All NYC DOE


    Universal Pre-kindergarten (UPK) is a New York State funded program specifically designed for four-year-olds not eligible for kindergarten.
    UPK is a developmentally appropriate, learner-centered educational program to help four-year-olds develop physically, socially, emotionally, linguistically, culturally, and intellectually. The program has a strong emphasis on early literacy and early numeracy to help prepare children for kindergarten. Pre-Kindergarten provides enriching experiences for each child, giving them the opportunity to grow and develop at their own pace. Children will learn through positive, interactive and hands-on experiences that focus mainly on social, emotional, language, fine and gross motor skills. 

    Eligible students must turn four (4) years old on or before December 31st of the current academic year.


    Our UPK program uses The New York State Prekindergarten Foundation for the Common Core to help children succeed in school and prepare for college and career.

    Our curriculum is based on five domains of development:

    1. Approaches to Learning – How children become involved in learning and acquiring knowledge.

    2. Physical Development and Health – Children’s physical health and ability to engage in daily activities

    3. Social and Emotional Development – The emotional competence and ability to form positive relationships that give meaning to children’s experiences in the home, school and larger community

    4. Communication, Language and Literacy – Children’s understanding, creating, and communicating meaning.

    5. Cognition and Knowledge of the World – What children need to know and understand about their world and how they apply what they know including math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology.

    We apply this curriculum in our daily activities:

    During Class Meetings children come together and become a community of learners, explorers, and friends. They discuss the calendar, weather and the plans for the day. They build language skills by listening and responding to stories as well as singing songs and reciting nursery rhymes. They practice counting, look for patterns, and explore other math concepts.

    During Read Aloud children listen to stories every day. They ask questions, learn new words, and discuss different parts of books. During this time, children develop listening, reading, writing, speaking, and critical thinking skills. They get excited to hear what will happen next and what they will learn each time the teacher turns the page.

    During Center Time children make decisions about where they will explore, discover, and learn each day. They learn independence by working by themselves or with other children. They read and write, build, cut, paint, and pretend.

    During Small Group children spend focused time with the teacher and other students. They develop new knowledge and practice what they learn with support from the teacher and other students.

    During Gross and Fine Motor children play outside every day, weather permitting. Playing outside helps develop children’s muscles, improves coordination, and reinforces healthy habits. Children also learn social skills such as taking turns, talking to others, making friends, and getting along.

    During Meal Time children have a role in getting ready for meal time. Meals are  set up in family style so children can serve themselves and continue learning social skills as they engage in rich conversations during meals.


    Our Pre-K Program offers:

    • Fully qualified, dedicated faculty
    • Full-time assistant teachers for each class
    • Full-time registered school nurse
    • Breakfast, lunch & afternoon snack are included


    Parents can apply for FREE UPK online or by calling 718-606-0005. To Learn more click here>>>


    Please be sure to use code QBDD when applying online at www.nyc.gov/prek.