Early Childhood

    Early Childhood


    The Early Childhood Program is designed to provide diverse experiences that foster, promote, and develop readiness concepts and skills within a nurturing environment. It offers many opportunities that enrich the children’s experience by stimulating their natural curiosity. The individual needs, interests, and abilities of each child in the class are met by adapting a developmentally appropriate curriculum and actively engaging students in the learning process.

    Young children learn best through their senses and activity. As students grow, their imagination and nurturing environment will foster their desire to learn.

    Our Goals for a successful school year:

    • Nurturing the children in order to develop self esteem
    • Coaching them to become independent and social
    • Instructing the children to follow directions and safety rules
    • Introducing students to poems and songs in the Greek language. All other subjects will be taught in the English language.
    • Reinforcing structured movement each day
    • Instructing the children to follow classroom rules
    • Promoting interaction with one another and cooperative learning
    • Reinforcing hand-eye coordination through gluing, painting and coloring


    Mommy & Me

    Our “mommy and me” style program, helps children and parents prepare for school and the separation process. Accompanied by a parent or caregiver, children share lively group and community experiences that set the stage for later independent play. Their once a week, 90 minute experience provides a mix of classroom time as well as full body play and movement.


    Our mission and philosophy

    Our vision is to inspire young children to learn the Greek language through pleasant and age appropriate activities.  This way they will be motivated to connect with their Greek cultural heritage and explore new educational horizons.

    The early exposure to the Greek language will enable our students to stimulate their brains and build a strong base for future more advanced levels.

    This particular mommy and me program follows a methodology that engages the visual, verbal and tactile association. This multi-sensory method reinforces children's attention and apprehension in class.


    Together we speak!
    We develop conversational skills with interactive storytelling, using puppets and props. This is how children will learn how to express themselves in Greek. We also act out dialogues encouraging the use of everyday language.

    Together we sing and dance!
    We sing age appropriate Greek songs with instruments and movement.

    Together we play and learn!
    We introduce the new words with illustration cards, and activities like puzzles, memory games and more.

    Together we make art!
    We reinforce the new vocabulary with an appropriate art and craft project.