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    A college preparatory high school, Saint Demetrios teaches young men and women that what they learn and how they think will impact not only their own futures but the future of their community. Administration, faculty, and staff at Saint Demetrios High School provide a safe and nurturing environment, where students are motivated to excel not only academically but also in service to others and in all extracurricular activities.

    Beginning in the 8th grade and continuing until the 12th grade, students are offered the most rigorous curriculum in all major subject areas. Saint Demetrios continually benchmarks its current academic program to make it competitive, intellectually challenging, and evolving in a rapidly changing world. Accredited by the NY State Department of Education Board of Regents since 1979, students receive instruction as mandated by these officials in English, Math, Science, and Social Studies; all students at Saint Demetrios High School are required to take the Regents exams at the completion of each course. Furthermore, students take the PSAT, SAT, and ACT at Saint Demetrios High School with the majority scoring above the college readiness scores thus earning the honor of studying college level courses at universities affiliated with Saint Demetrios High School- New York University (workshops), Saint John’s University (College Advantage), Fashion Institute of Technology (pre College), and Queens College (High Jump).

    Graduates of Saint Demetrios High School are accepted to the finest colleges/universities in the world including: Yale, Columbia, New York University, Cornell, Sophie Davis College of Medicine, the senior colleges of the State University of New York, Macaulay Honors College of the City University of New York, Saint John’s University College of Pharmacy, the University of Paris, France, and the University of Athens, Greece. Because Saint Demetrios High School is also accredited by the Greek Ministry of Education, students who successfully pass the Greek Comprehensive, the Greek Proficiency, and study four years of modern Greek and Classical Greek are able to continue their education at the most selective post secondary institutions of Greece.

    It is an honor and privilege to serve as the assistant principal / academic advisor at Saint Demetrios Preparatory High School- a place that has been my home for most of my life; I was a student at Saint Demetrios beginning in kindergarten and continued until graduation in the 12th grade. After completing my studies at Queens College in History and Secondary Education in 1992, I chose to return “home” to teach Social Studies from 1993-2008. In 2008, I was promoted to administrator and since then I have worked closely with my colleagues, parents, and students to further improve the quality of each child’s education at Saint Demetrios. My daughter is continuing in the tradition begun by her mother and has attended Saint Demetrios since early elementary school. It is heartwarming to see new generations of children attend the school where their parents graduated- thus truly making our school a second home and family.

    Please feel free to contact me if you would like to have your child visit Saint Demetrios Preparatory High School on any of our “WELCOME WEDNESDAYS”. It would be a pleasure to show you what makes our home a special place!

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    With Best Regards,


    Ms. H. Karagiorgos

    Assistant Principal / College Advisor