Degrees and Certifications:



  • Music teacher in the Saint Demetrios Astoria School (2006- today).
  • Art Class teacher (2016-today).
  • 1993 –2006 Music teacher in Greek Public Schools employed by the Greek Ministry of Education. {*PS1 Primary school of Skyros Island, *PS 1 & PS 2 Primary school of Keratsini, Piraeus, * PS 1, PS 2, PS 5, PS 6, Primary schools in Argyroupolis, Athens Greece,* PS 2, PS 11, PS 13 Primary schools of Agios Demetrios (Brahami), Athens Greece}.
  • Greek teacher in the Saint Demetrios Astoria Afternoon School (2006- today). Currently teaching 5th, 6th and B2( Advanced Greek Class).
  • Partner in the “School of Foreign Languages” , Athens, Greece from 1988 to1993)
  • Piano teacher all levels (1999- today).
  • 1992- 2006 English teacher to Greek students in the “School of Foreign Languages” , Athens, Greece
  • Honorary Vice Consul of Sierra Leone, Africa (1993). Anointed by the president of the Greek Republic, Christos Sartzetakis to serve as a liaison in the Consulate.



  • Served as a tenor in the Choir of the Music Conservatory of Athens, performing in several Theaters and Halls around Greece (1986-1989).
  • Served in the Greek Navy from 1989 to 1991 during the first Iraq Kuwait war.
  • Cooperated with famous Greek Musicians and performers.
  • Opened many concerts of Famous Greek performers in Greece and in New York (Petros Gaitanos, Miltos Paschalides,  Rita Antonopoulou,….)
  • Mural artist assuming the emblazonment of athletic snapshots on the walls of several Public Schools in Greece, just before the beginning of the 2004 Olympic Games.
  • Organized Series of concerts for fundraising charities in various parts of New York and New Jersey, with the rock band "Mousika Monopatia", which he founded (2006 - 2008)
  • Live broadcast on radio station Greece 365 FM, and participation in emissions in the local Greek TV station in Astoria, New York.
  • Hundreds of concerts with the Choir of St. Demetrios in Manhattan, New York and New Jersey.
  • Exchange Teacher from 2006 to 2009 in the bilingual program of Saint Demetrios Astoria School, organized and coordinated by the Cordell Hull Foundation
  • Organist at the Cathedral of St. Demetrios and St. Catherine in Astoria.
  • Coordinator of concerts dedicated to Cyprus (2006 to 2010).
  • Founder of the drum band (2006-2009), for the Saint Demetrios school parades in Manhattan, on the Greek Independence Day.



  • Coordinator of cultural events in the Argyroupolis open theatre, Athens, Greece under the auspice of the Mayor of Argyroupolis, Athens, Greece (September 1996-June 2006).
  • Responsible for the direction and composition of musical productions featuring the works of famous   Greek   composers   (Hatjidakis,   Theodorakis,   Xarhakos, Mikroutsikos  )  in   the   open theatre of Argyroupolis (September 1996-June 2006)
  • Singer in the musical CD for children “The Animal Party” (composed by Lilly Kassapoglou, 1997) currently in circulation in Greece.
  • Producer of the musical CD “Traditional Christmas Carols from every part of Greece” with the participation of the Choir of Saint Demetrios (November 2009)
  • Author of the book in English “Malaysia’s Annals (2004)”.
  • Director of the Saint Demetrios school choir for the celebration of the 189th Anniversary
  • of Greek Independence that took place in the NY City Hall, after the kind invitation of the council members Peter F. Vallone Jr. (April , 2010) and Costas Constantinides (April,  2017)
  • Instructor in the music education seminar held for teachers of elementary schools in the 50th district of Athens on 9/9/1999 entitled "Teaching a song in school"   under the auspice of the Greek Ministry of Education.
  • Instructor in the teacher training seminar titled: "Preparation of lesson plan, objectives, methods and tools to use to teach music," for the first Peripheral Educational Center, under the auspice of the Greek Ministry of Education (from2/18/2006 to 3/10/2006)
  • Coordinator and director of celebrations taking place in the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese celebrating various events honoring the Greek students that excelled in the Greek Regents.
  • Author of speeches and texts, organizer and curator of presentations and events honoring celebrities and politicians.



  • June 1998, Communal Conservatory of Acharnes, Piano Degree (awarded with honors)
  • June 1992, Conservatory of Argyroupolis, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Harmony (evaluated excellent)
  • June 1992, Conservatory of Argyroupolis, Bachelor of Arts Degree in Music (evaluated excellent)
  • February 1992, The University of Michigan, Certificate of  Proficiency in English
  • February 2004, Diplome d’Etudes en Langue Francaise (DELF), Higher Level (advanced knowledge of the French Language)
  • Teacher of Greek as a second language (certified by the Greek Ministry of Education and Culture, June 3, 2015)


  • Proficient in Greek, English and French. Also speaks Malay.
  • Computer literate in: MS Office suite (Word, Power Point, Excel, Access)
  • Drawing, painting and illustration of children’s book characters as well as murals for themed classrooms or show rooms.
  • Excellence in piano, professionally trained
  • Church organist.
  • Coordinator of events and festivities.
  • Art painter on canvas and mural creator.




  • Certification of skills in Information and Communication Technologies (2006)
  • Attended all seminars organized by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America, as a part of the Annual Staff Development (from 2006 to 2017).
  • Attended the seminar referring to the development of the Social and Emotional Education at school supervised by the Greek Ministry of Education (November 2001).
  • Attended the 48 hour seminar concerning a teacher training in the use of technology in the field of information and communication for the sake of Education. (11-20-2002)
  • Attended the seminar organized by the Greek Ministry of Education referring to the art of communication, self-conscience, emotion and feeling.
  • 20 hour seminar focused on First Aid (September 2000)
  • Attended the seminar organized by the Greek Ministry of Education focusing on how a teacher can stimulate the interest of the pupil to approach the latest views in physics. (March 2005)
  • Attended the distance learning program organized by the Greek Board of Education and was awarded the certificate for teaching Greek as a second language.



When he is not teaching, Evangelos Chaziroglou enjoys triathlon, mountain climbing, as well as practicing Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. He also loves painting, writing lyrics for songs, and most importantly spending quality time with his family- wife Evangelia and their two children Anna-Eleni and Thomas-Ioannis.