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Degrees and Certifications:

BA in English (University of Cambridge) French Diploma (French Department of Education) English Certification (Greek Ministry of Education)

Mrs. Evie Dimitriadou


My name is Evie Dimitriadou and I am a Pre-school teacher at Saint Demetrios. I have been a proud member of the Saint Demetrios family, since I first came to the USA from Greece, thirteen years ago. I am a mother of two children, who have been attending Saint Demetrios since preschool and are currently enrolled at the 4th and 6th grade respectively. I have taught at the afternoon school of Saint Demetrios in 2nd and 3rd grade as a Greek teacher.  For the past seven years I have been working at Saint Demetrios Elementary School as a preschool teacher. I also run a Mommy and Me program at Saint Demetrios Elementary, for the last four years, where my main purpose is to introduce our Greek language, culture and traditions to toddlers along with their mothers.  Previously, I taught English as a foreign language in Greece at a private school for foreign languages from 2003 to 2006.

I am an English Certified teacher, from the Greek ministry of Education and I hold an English Language Diploma from the University of Cambridge in England (awarded with honors). I also hold a Diploma in French from the French Department of Education.  I have completed various fire and smoke courses, including classroom theory, practical fire fighting and smoke training at the Manchester Fire Group in Great Britain.  I have also received CPR training in Great Britain.

My main purpose when teaching, is to instill the love of knowledge through sensory exploration. I firmly believe that building a strong vocabulary at this age is fundamental for later success in reading and math. Since young children make sense of their world by hearing, touching, seeing, tasting and smelling, I have the children use all of their five senses in their lessons.  Every new concept taught in my class, whether it is a color, a letter or a number, to name a few, is taught with these senses in mind.

I am proud to be a part of your child's educational journey and I look forward to launching their academic journey in my class!