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Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Kilimitzoglou

My Name is Stavros Kilimitzoglou.  I am your Social Studies Teacher. I have a MASTERS degree in History/Education from Hofstra University. This year I will be teaching 11th and 12th grades.  My passion is history and I love to incorporate my love and knowledge of the subject and pass it on to my students.  I teach US History Regents for the 11th grade and Economics/Government for the 12th grade.  This is my 7th year here at St. Demetrios Prepl and I like the working environment very much. Teachers have a good relationship among them and work together as a family. I like to do research on historical events and as a hobby I like to play soccer on my spare time.  

 11th Grade

Course Description:

The study of History is essential in developing citizens who understand contemporary issues with a depth and wisdom drawn from the experiences of the past.

Through the study of history, which integrates the humanities and the social sciences, students will better understand their own society as well as others.  The course is designed to provide students with a basic account of United States from the colonial period to present.  Students are encouraged to attend and actively participate in the learning of US History. 

12th Grade

Course Description: Upon entering 12th grade students will be exposed to two courses in one year.   Students will be taught US Government in the first semester, which is a course of study that has students defining, analyzing, monitoring, and discussing issues and public policies. On the second half of the year we will be learning the basics of the economic system of the United States and explore how economy and the government function together.  We will be looking at how the economic and political systems of the United States shape the lives of the people, but also how people have influenced and even changed these systems.