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  • My name is Rita Syntilas. I have been teaching at St. Demetrios High School for over 40 years. As a philologist I have enjoyed teaching our students the Greek language, Greek history and Greek civilization. I earned my degree from the School of Philosophy at the University of Ioannina in Greece. My areas of study was Ancient Greek, Latin, Modern Literature, Archaeology and History.


    I love reading and visiting museums. I encourage all my students to do the same. I enjoy assigning projects to my students so they can better immerse themselves in our Greek culture and historic civilization. With this in mind I look forward to organizing school plays with a focus in history and literature.


    I believe teaching is a vocation. Every single day and every class I teach is an opportunity to learn. Each class and every student is unique. They have their own talents and their own abilities which constantly inspire me.


    Every year and every day is a new beginning for learning. I thank God for the opportunity to teach this beautiful language and to teach about the civilization that enlightened the entire universe.