Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Tiliakos




  • For over 30 years as an educator, I have taught students, from Pre-K through adult education and managed schools. I believe that my success as teacher and school leader is related, in part, to my educational background and professional experience. 

    I attended Brooklyn College and earned my B.S in Computer and Information Science with the goal of working in the business sector which I did for several years before deciding to “branch out” and began my career in education. I felt it was important to teach children about computers.

    I became employed with several Greek Orthodox parochial schools teaching elementary and junior high school students the fundamentals of computer science, game design and computer programming. It gave me great joy to watch these children learn new ideas and implement computer science in math and science.  A turning point in my career was when I was hired by Saint Demetrios the largest Greek – American school system- to teach computer science grades 7-12 students. In the early 90’s I designed and implemented the first STEM curriculum incorporating mathematics and science. Saint Demetrios was the only Greek-American School in New York City to offer the program.  Currently, we offer a STEM course for grades 9-12 in our new STEM Lab with a 3D printer.

    I also have passion in early childhood education that blooms from a desire to make a difference in the lives of children, their families and to the community as a whole. I worked with 4 year olds as well. I also help other Greek-Orthodox schools and communities start-up NYC DOE UPK programs. I write the proposal, train the staff, and manage all aspects of the program.  

    In addition to being a Teacher and a NYSED licensed school administrator, I provide teacher professional development, coach teachers, train school staff, and hold parent workshops.  I also mentor student teachers and new candidates for school administration for various universities.

    I have provided leadership and supervision in elementary school, middle school and high school settings, including: alternative education instruction, curriculum, learner support services, staff development, career / technology education, school improvement, testing / accountability, and data analysis. Professionally, I restructured schools to feature learner-centered learning environments catering to diverse learners with academic deficiencies, social difficulties and emotional problems. The learners received tangible opportunities towards a better future through leadership initiatives and innovative practices that I implemented, including teaching methodologies, curricula that were both traditional / vocational staff training, and positive reinforcement.

    I have worked with many learners who went on to senior colleges / universities, community colleges, or joined the workforce. I am privileged to say that I was responsible for instituting new programs for diverse learners, such as Business Education/Technology and The School to Career Program.  Together with my colleagues, I improved the learning environment and closed the achievement gap, increasing learning opportunities for all learners – with special emphasis on those who are at risk of academic failure. 

    I also have experience in STEM/technology education, a strong background in developing industry partnerships and relationships with prospective employers, and leadership experience in professional development initiatives in the fields of math and science. Having managed teacher training programs for many years, I was actively involved in the development of cutting edge programs.In addition, I represent many schools in relation with the NYC DOE, NYSED, and other agencies.


    Currently I teach High School Mathematics, Computer Science, STEM, and  the Saint John's University Computer Science Course.


    J. Tiliakos