Degrees and Certifications:


Dear Students and Parents,

As the Middle School Coordinator of Grades 4-7, I would like to welcome you to Saint Demetrios! Through my words, I hope I can help you envision the safety, love, compassion, empathy, and dedication; as well as fun, engaging, challenging, rigorous social and academic entities that are present and felt throughout our school system.  

My Education

I am a firm believer that education is a continuous process. I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in History, Masters of Science in Education (1-6), and School Building Leadership Advanced Certificate. Continuing my education is always something I look forward to because learning never ends. Working in the education field for over 20 years, has given me the opportunity to grow professionally. It has helped me collaboratively evaluate, analyze, discuss, and implement teaching methods; research based instructional strategies and innovative teaching strategies that lead to student engagement and student academic and social growth and success.  

Our Faculty and Administration

Our faculty and administration collaboratively work together to ensure we provide each student with the most up to date tools, skills, strategies, educational frameworks and pedagogies. There is continuous teacher support and professional development to ensure teachers are provided with the tools, resources, research, data, and knowledge to effectively instruct every student as an individual and as a whole.


Our School

Entering our school doors you will observe our classrooms with students and teachers working together on fun, engaging, interactive activities. Smartboards display work, videos, interactive trips, educational games and much more. Learning does not end in the classroom. There are two science labs for students to explore, learn and discover. Science laboratory equipment allows students to utilize the data gathered from the books, as well from the material world, for developing pragmatic logic and rationale. Students are encouraged to use the various tools and experiment with different techniques to improve their overall science literacy. There are two computer labs utilized by our students for research and technology based projects. An auditorium where our students perform theatrical plays, drama, musicals, holiday shows, talent show, spring concert; present science, history, and STEAM research and projects; visitors educate our students in their expertise; and social events are held to celebrate our time together. A gym, where students practice their skills and work on endurance, while having fun and learning about starting and maintaining an overall healthy lifestyle; students learn the basics of movement and various styles of dance; our sports teams practice, train and learn fundamental sports skills, as well as learn to be team players, leaders and to present good sportsmanship. Our music education brings students, cultures and the world together. Our art education allows students to express themselves and think outside the box, act creatively and problem solve in an innovative way.


Teacher and Middle School Coordinator

I was teaching fifth grade at St. Demetrios for numerous years, before accepting the position of the Middle School Coordinator. The students of Saint Demetrios bring an immense amount of happiness to my life. Walking throughout our school building, I am always embraced with love, smiles and hugs from our magnificent children. I do not have children of my own, and this may sound cliché, however, when asked, “Do you have children?” I would answer “Yes, 28!” (This was my last year in the classroom, with my amazing 5T class).  Dr. Koularmanis, our principal, kept insisting that I obtain my certificate in school building leadership for years, and I kept stating, “I love being in the classroom with my kids!” We had numerous conversations where Dr. Koularmanis would state, “You love being with your kids in the classroom, think about how many children you would have accepting this position, and the impact you will have.”


My dedication and pledge to our students who we love!

Dr. Koularmanis’s persistence led me to obtain my School Building Leadership Advanced Certificate. His words radiate in my mind and I pledge to you as our student and as the parent, to always be there for every child and to create a safe, nurturing, fun, educational, rigorous, productive environment for each child to progress individually and as a whole. I know that providing this environment cannot be accomplished alone, and only as a team; students, faculty, staff, administration and parents must continuously work and communicate with each other throughout the school year. Developing a strong professional connection and working collaboratively is essential to ensure the academic and social growth and success of each student. Together we work towards success and high student achievement. I am always excited about each school year and look forward to work with students and parents on every journey.

I hope through my actions I demonstrate to you the love, kindness, compassion, respect and encouragement I have for each child, and expect faculty to demonstrate the same. Please always remember my actions and decisions are always based on what I believe is best for each student and the rest of our Saint Demetrios children.  If at any point you feel that my heart has guided me in a direction you do not agree with, I ask you to please contact me via phone or email, and we will schedule an appointment, where I can explain to you in details my thought process and you can ask me any questions or explain to me your concerns. I am very confident we will come to understand and respect each other’s viewpoint and agree that we are all looking out for the child’s best interest because each child is a precious gift to you (the parent) as he/she is a precious gift to me.

Now when I am asked, “Do you have any children?” I answer yes! Over 400 children!  Hoping I have impacted the children’s lives, as they have impacted mine and will remain forever in my heart.
With much respect, 
Ms. Alexandra Tsongas


“I call my students ‘My Kids’ because in our years together, that aren’t just kids on my class list or in our school, they become a part of my heart.”

“Believe in Yourself! I Believe in You!”

“Smile!” J