Weekly PRE-K Newsletter

Extra News

  • This is where I will post any other news that is specific to our class.

Pre-K Curriculum

  • Pre-Kindergarten Curriculum Goals


    • To develop the dignity, self esteem and appropriate behavior in each child. 
    • To promote a sense of Greek Community and the community at large. 
    • To offer a nurturing environment that encourages exploration and risk taking. 
    • To facilitate learning through hands on projects and use of our five senses. 
    • To create a love for reading by surrounding children with a wealth of literature. 
    • To promote interacting with one another and cooperative learning. 
    • To promote the value of community helpers and a sense of career awareness in their growth.


    I   Academic Goals 

    1. Recognition & Writing of upper and lower case letters.
    2. Math – Numbers (recognition, sequencing, quantity, sorting/sizes).
    3. Colors – Primary Colors and mixing them to get the other colors.
    4. Shapes
    5. Match and Identify words or objects with the same initial sound.
    6. Major Holidays
    7. Seasons
    8. Weather
    9. Reading and Comprehension of story through use of questions- when, why, who, what, how) predicting outcome, cause and effect and picture books.
    10. Incorporation of listening skills and following directions in all areas.
    11. Expand vocabulary through interactions with literature, daily language activities and hands on experiences

     II   Artistic Goals 

    1. Self-expression through free-painting, coloring, molding with play-doh, etc.
    2. Use of variety of materials and textures to promote exploration, feeling, texture, etc.         

    III   Socialization Goals 

    1. Free play using age appropriate educational games and toys.
    2. Promoting co-operative play (sharing and teamwork)
    3. Building self-esteem.
    4. Responsibility and independence.
    5. Discovery of feelings and verbal expression.
    6. Promoting respect, kindness, and honesty 

    IV   Development of Gross and Fine Motor Skills 

    1. Gross – jumping, skipping, hopping, bean bag/ball tossing, e.t.c.
    2. Fine – cutting, pasting, coloring, manipulating small objects, e.t.c.
    3. Handle scissors, crayons, or other written implements at age appropriate level
    4. Distinguish between right and left. 

    V  Science  

    1.  Hands on activities and experiments. (Ex: What floats, what sinks?)
    2. Magnets
    3. Growing from seeds
    4. Health
    5. NutritionL
    6. Learn about weather, seasons, plants, animals, magnetism, senses, hygiene, nutrition, and the environment. 

     VI   Music and Movement Incorporated Throughout Daily Routine. 

    1. Dancing
    2. Singing
    3. Memorization
    4. Using our body to create music.
    5. Rhyme – Poetry, Nursery Rhymes.
    6. Following directions to music 

    VII   Community Awareness 

    1. Learn the basic elements of a community; citizen, helpers, neighborhood, etc.
    2. Bringing in community helpers for actual hands on illustrations such as:


    1. Firemen
    2. Policemen
    3. Dentist
    4. Mechanic
    5. Librarian
    6. Doctor, Nurse, others.  

     VIII   Specials 

    1. Computers
    2. Physical Education
    3. Greek Dance
    4. Greek Language 

    IX   Annual Events

            (Performance dates can be found on the yearly school calendar) 

    1. Fall Festival (November)
    2. Art Exhibit (April)
    3. End of the year Stepping Up Ceremony (June)


    Students will receive progress reports in January and June