• The course of Ellinomatheia is a Special Scholarship program that provides Greek speaking students the opportunity to attain the prestigious Ellinomatheia Certificate.  It is geared toward students from age 12 and up who have the ambition to obtain advanced knowledge of the Greek language. Therefore, the levels we are teaching are B1, B2, C1, and C2.  Exceptions of course can be made if a student of a younger age has exceptional or advanced skills. It is fully funded and supported by the generosity of Dr. Tsioulias. It is common practice for Greek speaking students who obtain their Regents Certificate to stop their learning in Greek. Now, however, with the Ellinomatheia program, they are offered the opportunity to continue their learning.

    The program of Ellinomatheia aims to strengthen and promote the Greek language and is designed to further the progress and growth of dedicated and conscientious students with advanced knowledge and higher order thinking. The after school program is directed by Mr. Evangelos Chaziroglou. Our day school continues to offer Greek Studies Grades K-12 including Ellinomatheia Exam Preparation.

    Our students experience the intricate and detailed use of the Greek language, including its idioms and its advanced vocabulary. The belief that our students are capable of achieving extraordinary results, is the foundation upon which we build our program with high hopes and aspirations for our vision to be fulfilled.

    Our success is that of our students. We guarantee 100% success with the best scores!


    Email: ellinomatheia1@gmail.com


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    Θεσμοθέτηση και Χρηστικότητα του Πιστοποιητικού Ελληνομάθειας


    Θεσμοθέτηση και Χρηστικότητα του Πιστοποιητικού Ελληνομάθειας