• First Grade Week of 6/15-6/19


    Log Attendance Daily

    Check Class Dojo for News, Updates, Teacher communication

    Go to Flipgrid for Lessons and Feedback


    Zoom Meeting

    1-1-Mrs. Nina 10:00  Mr. Fountas 10:30

    1-2 Mrs. Anthi 11:00 Mr. Fountas 11:30

    **Meeting ID and Password will be sent to you on ClassDojo right before scheduled meeting time

    Tuesday and Wednesday: 

    End of Year Wrap-Up Activities on Flipgrid 


    First Grade Pick-Up Day 10:00-12:00 

    Drive by school to pick-up personal belongings and say our final "hellos" and "goodbyes" for the school year. We ask that you drive up the school and safely stop the car in front of the school with your windows open.  Please have your child sitting on the right side of the car so that we can personally hand them their bags. At this time we also ask that you return any school/teacher property (book baggies, textbooks, social studies magazines)You may make a sign or decorate your car, this is completely optional. To ensure everyone's safety and to follow the recommended social-distancing guidelines, we ask that you remain in your car at all times. Thank you in advance for your understanding. We look forward to seeing you!  

    Pick-Up Schedule:

    Mrs. Nina’s Class 10:00-11:00

    Mrs. Anthi’s Class 11:00-12:00


    Last Day of School: Final Report card will be available on Chalkables  


    Wishing you a safe and relaxing summer!


Remote Learning Grading Policy

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