Mr. Jason Kra kicked off our “People in the Know” series

April 22nd, 2021 

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Mr. Jason Kra kicked off our “People in the Know” series. This event will be ongoing to bring professionals to meet with the students to discuss college majors, career paths, networking skills, possible internships and how to build a college resume.  We will strive to have a diverse representation, and fully encompassing our student’s interests.

Mr. Kra took over his family business and then merged it into Li Fung, a multi-billion dollar consumer apparel and products manufacturer. He provided an overview of the product life cycle from design to consumer purchase. Mr. Kra continuously emphasized how technology has evolved from data collection, social media, clicks, and so on to determine what and how it will be designed and produced. He provided examples with brands that many students wear.

Mr. Kra once a shy kid to entrepreneur and now top executive controlling over a quarter of Li Fung’s profits to be inquisitive, dig deep, be an expert within a field, do not hesitate and take calculated risks.


Mr. Jason Kra