People in the Know – Sara Tirschwell

Sara Tirschwell came in to speak to our high school students this morning. Ms. Tirschwell was a very successful distress fixed income portfolio manager and now has turned her attention to politics. She was a republican mayoral candidate until this past April, and she is not giving up and will try again.

During Ms. Tirschwell conversation with the students she started with “Always reach for something that you might not be qualified for … learn it, work hard and reach your potential.  In closing, she said to the students pick a college that reflects your principles, and when you are seeking out your first job work with people that have similar principles and beliefs. Do not be afraid of risk taking, just keep at it.

Our High School students were learning how to network, and a hopeful future Wall Street employee retrieved some advice and possible summer internship connection.  One of our students that inspires for a career in journalism, said to Ms. Tirschwell as a future reporter, I hope to write about you as our Mayor of New York.  Another student, welcomed Ms. Tirschwell’s diverse background to St. Demetrios..there were many more notable comments but these were the most memorable.

As your School Board, we want to expose our students to limitless opportunity and knowledge for their future endeavors beyond St. Demetrios academic career – we are offering a differentiating factor with our speaker series.