Read Across America Event At St. Demetrios

In the spirit of the initiative Read Across America and Greek Heritage Month, the administration of Saint Demetrios school invited two Greek-American authors to the school. Ellen Karadimas and John Theodorakatos visited Saint Demetrios School and spent time meeting, discussing, and holding question/answer sessions with students from elementary school to high school about their literary works.

Ms. Karadimas, author of the young adult historical novel, In the Shadow of Nuremberg, met with stu­dents in grades 8-12 at the Saint Demetrios High School Library on March 11. The author, who has a di­verse German-Greek-American background, spent practically the en­tire day discussing with students her book which was based on the true events that are still impacting our world today. Her heartwarming words on respect, tolerance, and em­pathy for others left her audience with food for thought. The students showed great interest in the author’s life and how her upbringing shaped her writing. The students had been in­troduced to the novel by their English and Social Studies teachers.

On Monday, March 14, John Theodorakatos, author of Johnny and His Flying Blanket, spent the day reading to the students at the Lower Elementary School, and with students in grades 4-7 to read and speak about the power of creativity in writing and combating negativity, which may lead to bullying. In addition, Mr. Theodorakatos gave advice to stu­dents in grades 6 and 7 about how to go about having their best writing published. He reinforced the concepts of positivity, practice, and effort.