Greek Orthodoxy

Saint Demetrios Preparatory has a diverse student population. Students take religious courses as part of our curriculum. As an important part of our faith-filled atmosphere, students are asked to attend religious activities. Respectful attendance and behavior at religious activities are expectations of all students.

Orthodox Christianity

Saint Demetrios Prep is a school committed to nurturing the traditions of our Christian faith throughout our entire school system. Education for us is more than learning the necessary academic subjects. It is about cultivating the individual as a whole. Incorporating our faith in our education has been an intrinsic part of St. Demetrios school since it’s inception.

Religion class is offered to all our students and is taught by our clergy throughout the entire school system. At least once a month throughout the academic year, the school day begins with Divine Liturgy in our church. This strengthens the foundation of our community among our St. Demetrios family.