x Middle School

Welcome to Saint Demetrios Middle School. We are committed in providing quality learning for our students. Our school assists our students in excelling to their highest potential within a safe and nurturing environment. The Middle School of Saint Demetrios acts as a bridge between the Elementary School and the High School. We understand that it is an important step for students and that the transition to middle school is different for everyone. As a result, our school offers guidance and support for every student in order to help make their transition as comfortable as possible.

We provide a curriculum that is enriched with the core subject areas based on the New York State learning standards. Our curriculum and learning styles help meet the needs of all our students. We provide a structured style of learning along with a variety of interactive, hands-on approaches. Our curriculum also places a focus on our Greek language, culture and Hellenic Orthodox faith. Students are offered electives such as art, music, computers and physical education, as well.

Every member of our staff collaboratively and actively works together in order to create a successful educational work environment. They are determined to provide an enriched education for the “whole student”. Our students are extremely prepared as a result of a stimulating and rigorous academic curriculum, an exceptional faculty and small class size. Our students also participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that extend beyond their well-rounded classroom programs. These activities help our students learn important social, leadership and life skills necessary for the 21st Century.

At Saint Demetrios Middle School, we want every child who attends our school to know that he or she is part of a family. Although we stress the importance of higher learning, we also realize that our success will also be measured by each student’s individual contribution to society. Students leave Saint Demetrios Middle School demonstrating a mastery of the curriculum, and at the same time are also motivated with the desire to continue to learn and grow so that they can make a difference in the world.