xHigh School

Saint Demetrios Greek-American Schools are committed to provide each student an outstanding opportunity to achieve academic excellence in an environment which fosters a strong sense of community within a culturally student body. Students are thoroughly prepared through a stimulating and rigorous academic curriculum, an outstanding faculty and small class size. In addition, students participate in a variety of extracurricular activities that extend beyond their well-rounded classroom programs. These activities help students to learn important social, leadership and life skills.

Technological competence is critical to the education of the students, and the school is committed to dedicating resources to remain in the forefront of our hi-tech driven society.

Our philosophy is a simple one and it includes these five main points:

  1. Encourage each student’s self-realization by increasing his/her knowledge and skills so that he/she may become productive a person and responsible citizen.
  2. Develop each student’s critical faculties by assisting him/her in making rational and constructive choices.
  3. Expand the student’s insight into human motivations and experience so that he/she may better understand himself/herself and others.
  4. Cultivate constructive social attitudes and behavior.
  5. Increase the knowledge of our Hellenic Orthodox faith, Heritage and the humanistic values that are inherent to our traditions.