Coach Avramidis


Coach Avramidis


          Coach Stamatia Avramidis has been playing volleyball for 10 years.  Her first exposure to volleyball was in the Greek Orthodox Youth Association Volleyball League, at our very own Saint Demetrios Cathedral. Stamatia has been a volunteer assistant coach for the GOYA volleyball league for the last six years.


     It only felt right to volunteer to coach the school's junior varsity girls volleyball team. The team was able to make the playoffs, despite being a new team and a new program! When Ms. Avramidis is not coaching volleyball, she loves to incorporate the sport in her math word problems, for her fourth grade class. 


Coach Stamatia Avramidis' Personal Statement:

I have truly loved bonding with the team filled with the 6th, 7th and 8th grade girls that make up Saint Demetrios Preparatory. I hope I am able to expand this program by exposing the sport to all grades. I believe that what makes a good coach is a coach who is always learning! I love updating and mastering my own playing skills, to give a better advantage as a coach. I look forward to continuing my journey as not only a coach, but as a mentor for these girls. Thank you to everyone who has supported our team this season!


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